Why our Slings?

To get traffic to my store I am offering a 5% discount on your total check out.   Here is the Coupon 9X9KA2    But here is the deal.   If you use the coupon you will tell five people about this site.   So enter the code at check out and tell five friends about www.tacticalgunslings.com  Offer ends July 15th.  Coupon code is a one time use but for unlimited items so fill up the flat rate shipping bag and save some money.

AI&P Tactical Gun Slings are designed for rugged duty use. There is simply no room for equipment failure in a tactical situation when it is all on the line and we put real thought into making our products as "Murphy Proof" as possible.   Let him go play his silly games elsewhere.

Our Hunting line of Slings are built with the same ruggedness as our Tactical Slings.  You spend a lot of time and effort getting ready for a hunt and all your equipment has to do exactly what you intended it to do.

All the items on this site are factory new.   You will find OEM Remington parts as I am classified as a Remington Master Gun Shop.   I have other gun stuff listed in the category "Other Gun Stuff" and you may find so items you have wanted but found the shipping was as much or more then item.   So with the flat rate shipping here you can fill up the bag and save on the small items you have been wanting.

We make these slings right here in Michigan and will be working to improve our products and develop new slings based on input from the end users. 

You can check out right here on the site or call me with questions and provide your CC info to me.  Or, you can simply send a personal check or money order for the items.

I have added Shooting Glass & Hearing Protection,  Gun Care Items and will continue to add to these categories.

I am putting in a Category " At Dealer Cost".  I am going to offer one item at Dealer Cost which means exactly what I paid for them.   I will list how many I have in stock and once those sell the deal is over for the Month.   I am doing this to encourage traffic to the site.   You can buy that item, check out and never come back.   However, I am hoping you look around for other items to put in the flat rate shipping back and come back again from time to time.

Some of the items on the site are small items that I make a few cents or les on.   I have them for your benefit as these are items you use and want to keep on hand but certainly don't want to buy by themselves as some on line stores have flat rate shipping as high as $12 and up.   So look around and check out each category and you may find those small items you want.  With my $7.20 2-3 day priority Flat Rate shipping you can add these small items to your bag with no increase in shipping cost.

If you have any doubts about dealing we AI&P Tactical go to www.gunbroker.com and enter AI&P Tactical in the search block.   That will bring up my auctions, look to the right of my use name which is aippi and you will see  A+ (3,574).  Click on that and you will see I have feedback for over 3,574 auction and every one is an A+ and I have never received anything less then perfect feedback.  Yes, I have messed up orders on gun broker but made everyone of them good to the customers satisfaction.   You can also do an internet search of "AI&P Tactical" and read customer comments all over the web. You can buy from me with complete confidence.  

If you want to see any sling up close and personal simply e-mail me and we can set up a session on Skype where I can show you the sling in detail and answer questions.   E-mail is jd@aiptactical.com

Visit www.aiptactical.com for Remington barrels, stock and other parts and to see my Custom Tactical Shotguns.

AI&P Tactical 1&2 Point Sling

Check out our LE K-9 Tracking Leash.

The LE K-9 Tracking Leash is 12 feet long which gets the K-9 out away from your body so it can work the scent.   It adjust quickly to 7 feet when you need more control.  It secures to most any object when needed.   It comes in Black and Hunter Green.  Here is short video showing some of the features.