Please read this as shipping is a major issue and I get pissed when I feel I paid to much for it.   I want to offer the best shipping rates but at this it is a problem to the short comings of this template.   SO PLEASE READ THIS.

Some of the items on the site are small items that I make a few cents on.   I have them for your benefit as these are items you use and want to keep on hand but certainly don't want to buy by themselves as some on line stores have flat rate shipping as high as $12 and up.   So look around and check out each category and you may find those small items you want.  

Most all the items here ship $8.95  2-3 day priority Flat Rate shipping so you can add these small items to your bag with no increase in shipping cost.  But if you buy a $4 item the shipping is still $8.95 because this templete is fixed and I am locked into this for awhile.     I have had orders when a guys buys over $700 in parts and it shipped for $8.95.  He must be fixing up guns for sale as he keeps buying the same parts.

 So, If you want to you can call me with your CC info and I can ship a small item by ground for about $4.   You don't even have to check out but it is easier if you check out and click "Pay by Check or Money Order" as that gives me an invoice and I will know exactly what you are getting and I can adjust the shipping down.   Or you can make any purchase, click on "Pay by Check or Money Order" and send payment.

Also, barrels and large orders to the Pacific time zones will go Ground.  A barrel to CA is over $17 to ship and I would only be collecting $11.95.  I can ship barrels to most of the county for around that but once over the Rockies I get pounded. So I will send large order there by ground but all other order that fit in the flat rate bag ship for $8.95 or go ground and still only $8.95.   If you buy a barrel and other items all of it ships for the $11.95


These are large items and there will an additional shipped charge added on top of the $7.95 at Check out.

14" Barrels                                   $2

Stock sets                                     $2

18.5" Barrels                                $3

26" to 30" Barrels                       $4

Shotgun Conversion Kits           $10

870 Receivers                              $12