If you have an 870, 1100 or 1187 I am always available to help if you have issues.   I don't take civilian guns in to work on so I will simply talk you through the fix if it is something you can do.   If it has to go to a gun smith you will know they exact issue so you won't get hosed by the repairs.  Also, many gun smith do not specialize on these guns so if you take it in for a specific know issue it makes their repairs easier.

Often the fixes are simple and I have help hundreds of people over the years avoid paying for repairs and buying parts they don't need.   I do this free and enjoy doing it as it also keeps me sharp and give me the opportunity to pay back for all the success I have had with AI&P Tactical and Tacticalgunslings.com

And of course call with any install questions you have as installing parts correctly ensures safety and reliability in your gun.

E-mail me or call any time.  I am on Eastern time.

E-mail:  jd@aiptactical.com

Tel:  231-690-0954