If you are looking for a Virgin 870 Police or 11-87 Police Receiver for an SBS or AOW build I have them listed here on the store.   You need a virgin receiver to build and AOW (any other weapon).  This means it came from the factory as a receiver only and was never built into a firearm.    Also, you can not take a complete 870 and add a 14" barrel and shockwave grip and make a Non NFA shotgun like the Tact-14's.  If you do that you broke the law.  You can use a virgin receiver to make a Non FFA Tac-14.  Or one that has never had a shoulder stock installed on it.

I have 870 Police Parkerized, 870 Police High luster Blued and 870 Marine.  I do not stock the Wingmaster Recievers as that is what the 870 High Luster Blued receiver is.

I also have virgin 870 20ga Receivers in black oxide finish for 20ga AOW builds or Non NFA

I have virgin 11-87 Police receiver and 14" 11-87 Police Barrels for them also listed here on the store.

I have few 870 Tactical receiver that are factory new but came as shotguns but had a pistol grip and can be used for a Non NFA 14" Barrel build.    

I have plenty of 14" Remington Police barrels listed on this store also.

All receivers have to be shipped to an FFL transfer Dealer.

If you have any questions give me a call or e-mail me.