12ga Remington 870 Carrier Assembly


Factory New Remington 12ga carrier assembly. This assembly is for up to 3" and not for the 3.5" Super Magnum.  It is easy to install and you will get my card with my web site on it and there is a "How to Video" on my web site to show you how easy it is to install. If you have bent the carrier on your 870 or have a worn or damaged carrier dog, this is the fix. This item is part number F102190 Remington parts list and sells for $21.95.  Dealer on this part is $16.81 but I can sell these for less then dealer because I have had to purchase the flex tab kits just to get breech bolts for my builds and this has caused slides and carriers to stack up in my shop.  So you get a dealer for helping clear them out.

This video on installing the carrier dog follow spring also shows you how to remove and install the shell carrier.


Or for install video go to www.aiptactical.com and click on "How to Videos", scroll down till you find the one for the Carrier Dog follower spring and this shows how to remove and install the Carrier.   Very simple install and no special tools needed.  If you can clean your 870 and can install this part.

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