• AI&P Tactical One Point Sling. Also called Single Point Sling


    This sling was formally the Rocky Mountain Tactical Summit Sling and I have made it a One Point sling or also called Single Point Sling simply by only including one connecting strap.    I have changed the name to the AI&P Tactical One Point Sling.  I have increased the length of the main strap to 70 inches to increase the range of adjustment for those wearing body armor, tactical vest of heavy coats. 

    The One Point sling is very versatile   This sling converts from a right hand sling to a left hand sling, you take the connecting strap with the male buckle on it and simply rotate it over to the other side.  As a one point sling you have a Slide release buckle to put the sling on or take it off which is far better than having the to slip a sling your your head.   This is very important when wearing Kevlar head gear, body armor and a tactical vest.

    The sling quickly adjust in length will a pull of the adjustment strap.  It comes with connecting strap which can be used with slotted sling plates, or you can add an HK Snap Hook and use with a looped sling plate.  You can also use Push button Quick detach swivels or standard Quick Detach Swivels.

    The versatility of this sling allows it to be used on multiple weapon since the sling snaps in to the connecting straps.  If you have several weapons you can use the one sling on all of them simply by purchasing additional connecting straps.   I would of course prefer you buy a sling for each weapon simply for my financial gain but you can get a lot of additional connecting straps for what one sling cost.

    There are several ways to wear the sling and you should experiment with this to find the best carry for your needs.   When doing this be sure to test it while you are in movement also.   What may seem just peachy keen when you are standing there can be a total FUBAR when you are moving.   You may even come up with a way we have not found as the sling is that versatile.  

    The sling comes in Black, OD Green and Coyote Tan and we are open to suggesting for other colors.

    Back Orders Suck.   I am not going to do it.   If any product is not on my shelve ready to ship I will simply remove it from the site till I have it back in stock.