Allen Molded Pistol Case small Autos & revolvers


Allen 7665 Molded Gun Case 2" EVA Foam
The Molded compact pistol case comes in many sizes for 4"  revolvers, 6"
revolvers,  25ACP & 380, 2" revolvers, and 3" semi-auto guns. They have EVA
foam exterior with an soft foam layer inside. They have dual zippers that
can be locked. They are also easy to conceal.

Mfg Item Num:       7665       
Category:           GUNCASES                      
Type                :Gun Case
Color               :Black
Dimensions          :6.5"
Material            :EVA Foam
Finish              :
Airline Approved    :
Pressurized         :
Hardware            :
Lockable            :Yes
Proofs              :
Padding             :Foam