• Ameriglo Light sticks 12 hour Yellow water proof


    I contact this company after using this product. I was interested in offering this item and wanted a quantity. The buy in for dealer pricing was very high.

    So I decided to simply get some from my regular sporting's good distributor and see if they sell. The do have an "Use by Date" so I did not want to buy the

    the quantity I would need to buy in to the companies dealer pricing and have them sitting on the shelves. So if these sell well I will look into buying in and I

    can then offer 10 and 100 packs and a huge savings to you. Do not be fooled by the Novelty ones you see be sold everywhere. Ameriglo Light Sticks are

    for sure Industrial and Military grade. The ones I have in stock have a "Best if Used by Date" of August 2021. So try one for a buck and you will see the

    difference Have these in you vehicle, tackle box, tool box, and for sure in your gear when you head out into the wild.

    AmeriGlo 612HY1OB 6" 12 Hour Yellow Waterproof Light Stick

    AmeriGlo light sticks are rated as an industrial grade, mil-spec light
    stick, ideal for long term storage, and use in all weather conditions.
    These non-toxic light sticks are available in multiple colors for brighter,
    more versatile use with longer illumination than novelty grade glow sticks.
    This yellow ligth stick is ideal for illumination, marking, and signaling.

    Mfg Item Num:       990208     
    Category:           LIGHTS                       
    Type                :Light Stick
    Output              :
    Bulb Type           :N/A
    Body Diameter       :
    OAL                 :6"
    Weight              :
    Battery             :N/A
    Proofs              :Waterproof
    Color               :Yellow
    Material            :Plastic