AR Amorers Wrench

$8.25 $4.00

Already have one of these.  This is well below dealer cost as I miss ordered and have more then I can sell in ten years.   I will take the hit as a lessoned learn and sell these down to a reasonable amount of them in stock.  So if you are a "backup" guy like me (I have backups for my backups) then for this price get another cause stuff gets lost or breaks. 

1.Precision machined from heat treated steel, any AR enthusiast or builder will find this tool very helpful.

2.This tool includes a Mil-Spec castle nut wrench, a standard length receiver extension removal wrench, and an A1/A2 Flash Suppressor wrench.

3.Offering an improved grip, each tool has a rubberized grip for both safety and comfort.

4.Every tool is coated in manganese phosphate for reduced visibility and corrosion resistance.