• Boker Subcom F BL-PS Black


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    Looking for a knife for a well dressed man.  Small, light and deadly.  This one can be right there when you are dressed for a night out.    Make sure to compare SKU codes when looking at these knives.   SKU numbers can indicate knifes that have a different cheaper blade material for discount buyers.   Like the old Store Brand guns back in the day.  An internet search will come up with prices lower then mine is to as much as $80.  Know where you are getting it to ensure it is a Boker Knife.  This is the real deal and not some clone and has two safety seals on the box to ensure it was not tampered with.  

    .   I am an FFL dealer and only deal with reputable Distributors so I know I am selling genuine products.  Now days, if it looks like a Duck, walks like a Duck and Quakes like a Duck does not mean it is a Duck, it could be Coot. 

    Item no.: 01BO586

    Böker Plus

    Subcom All Black

    Type: Pocket Knife
    Designer: Chad Los Banos
    Total Length: 4,6
    Blade length: 1.9 in
    Blade thickness: 0.10 in
    Weight: 2.4 oz
    Blade Material: AUS-8
    Handle Material: Zytel
    Lock: Framelock
    Opener: Thumb Stud