DAC GM38/9mm 14 piece cleaning kit.


GM9P: GunMaster® 357/38/9mm caliber 14 Piece pistol cleaning kit Includes: Custom GunMaster® case, hybrid multi-function handle, one 9mm brush ,one 9mm mop., two brass rods, one 9mm slot tip, one 9mm solid brass jag, 25 cleaning patches, six piece bit set
(2 phillips, two flat heads, one star and one hex.    This kit is only  6.5" long, 3.5" Wide and 1.25" Thick and fits easily in you gun box or in the pocket of BDU's or Cargo pants.  The enclosed six piece bit set may come in handy should have left your gun tools at home.

LEO's this does not have to be your primary cleaning kit but if you carry a 9mm as a duty weapon I recommend this kit be carried in your duty bag.  It is compact so will not take up a lot of room and should you have an incident where you weapon gets dropped in sand, mud, water or gets body fluids on it this kit is there to get you 10-8.