HK P 30 Spring Assist Folder by Benchmade


I saw a few of these on e-bay for $44 and they are gone so I am certain my price is the best one you will find.   If not, then please let me know.  HK P 30 Spring assist Folder.   These are made for HK by Benchmade.    HK has contracted with another manufacture so these are some of the last of the Benchmade manufactured Knives.   The ones coming out this year may be better, worse or the same.  They may cost less or may cost more.   My Distributor does not know who will be making them.  Generally when a contract like this goes out it goes to the lowest bidder.  So my guess is they will not be the quality of these Benchmade Models.

So here are some of the last of Benchmade PHK P 30's and knowing the quality of Benchmade knives I would add one of these to my collection (and I did) while there are some left.  I have 12 Black and 12 in Tan.  Offer ends when these are gone.  Ilegal in NY so I will not ship there.  If you buy it and live in NY, I will refund your purchase price less 15% and ship the refund with the rest of your order.

NOTE:   On the package these come in is the web site address and if you go to that it is the Benchmade web site.   This proves these are the last of the Benchmades.

NOTE:  As soon as these came in I picked mine out and I did not like how slow one of them opened.   I took a T-9 Torx bit and slightly loosened the Torx screw at the pivit end of the knife and man I love it now.

  • Brand: HK Knives
  • Model: P30 ASSIST
  • Blade Length: 2.95"
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Blade Edge: PARTIALLY
  • Blade Finish: Black