• Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil, 4oz or 8oz bottles


    I have a friend that is 75 years old and is a serious muscle car guy. He got me using Lucas products as he has used them forever. 

    When I saw they were now making gun products I knew the quality was assured. The cost is a little more then some of the other products but I have some very

    High end guns and keep going up in value so I am not going to scrimp when it comes to protecting them.

    Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil is a special blend of oil and

    petroleum-extracted additives producing a lubrication specially formulated

    for high volume, high heat and friction firearms. The oil is designed for
    semi-auto rifles, shotguns and pistols as well as full auto firearms and
    suppressors. It offers superior burn-off resistance and the polymeric film
    protects metal from rust, moisture and dramatically reduces wear during all
    shooting conditions.