Meprolight Tritium Bead for Remington Shotguns


Meprolight 34045 Tru-Dot NS Bead 6-48 Thread Rem 870/1100/1187 Tritium
Meprolight revolutionary, combat proven, tritium self-illuminated night
sights enable you to hit stationary or moving targets under low light
conditions with dramatically increased hit probability. Test results by
marksmen and journeymen level shooters have shown an increase of over 85%
in hit efficiency compared to conventional sights. This model has a 6-48
thread, which fits the Remington 870, 1100, and 11-87 shotguns.

Is for threaded bead sight barrels which means those with the Vent Rib.  Simple install.  Screw your bead off.   Use blue loc-tite or other non-permanent thread lock and put a small amount on the threads and screw the sight in.   Make sure it is lined up with vent rib and leave to dry for a couple hours.   You are finished.

18.5" and 20" Remington bead sight barrels have a bead that is pressed in and this sight will not work with those barrels unless you drill the bead out and have it threaded for 6-48 threads.   That is an easy fix for a gun smith and is worth it to get this sight on your fighting shotgun.