Rem Choke tube, 12ga IC .720 Lead Only flush IC


Factory New.   This is important as E-bay is full of used tubes being sold as new but I am a Remington Master Gun Shop and only sell factory new parts.  This is a 12ga Rem Choke tube, IC flush fit, lead only.  IC choke tube restriction is .720 These are purchased  in bulk from the parts list and not in retail package

• Gauge: 12

• Constriction: Improved Cylinder
• Specifications: Short-range choke that delivers wider shot patterns for game within 35 yard range
• Perfect for rabbit
• quail
• woodcock and pheasant over dogs
• Good choice for ducks and geese when used with steel shot
• Puts 45-50% of pellets in 30" circle at 40 yards
• Shot Type: Steel or Lead
CHOKE TUBE 12 GA IMP CYL DIA. ~ .720. Genuine Remington Choke Tube. Performance tuned for Remington Shotguns. Does not fit Remington Models 1100 G3 12 gauge, Model 1100 Competition, Model 105 CTI
or Premier Over & Unders 12 gauge.

All 12 Gauge Rem Choke Barrels. .720 Diameter. Remington's factory Rem Chokes are a system of interchangeable choke tubes and extended chokes that allow you to quickly and easily change the choke of your shotgun to match specific hunting conditions. Performance tuned for all Remington shotguns in field and target constrictions for optimal pattern performance.