• Remington 11-87 Police Receiver, Virgin


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    I may have the last two of these made.   The 11-87P has been discontinued so I had little hope my back order would be filled.   Yet, months later two showed up.   So yes, I have them at full retail since they are as rare as hen teeth.  Factory new Virgin 11-87 Police receiver. It is called complete as it comes from the factory with Shell and Interceptor latch installed, action spring and plunger installed. Parkerized Police finish. This is F102693 on the Remington Parts List and retails from Remington for $333.38.   If you have a 12ga 11-87 shotgun all your parts will fit in this receiver.  I also have the 14" 12ga 11-87 Barrels listed here on the store.

    So if you ever wanted an 11-87 Police SBS get the wallet out and it is going to hurt but you will have one hell of a shotgun.

    This item must ship to an FFL Dealer to conduct the transfer and is considered a firearm and I ship it Priority with Adult Signature.   $12 will be added to the $9.95 and will be factored in at check out