• Remington 11-87P barrel, 18.5" BS Parkerized


    Factory new 11-87 Police barrel, 18.5 with fixed I/C choke and bead sight, factory parkerized. This the barrel that comes standard on the 11-87 Police model and it will turn your 11-87 into a tactical weapon between hunting seasons with a simple barrel change, then change to your other barrel to hunt or sport shooting. Some 11-87 sporting models with Light Contour barrels will require a different forend for this barrel as your contour light sport forend may not fit as that barrel in thinner.  I have the 11-87 Police synthetic forends here on the store.  Look for the 11-87 Police forend in the other category as this is the synthetic forend that comes on the 11-87 Police as does this barrel.