Remington 1100 & 11/87 Action spring, all guages


This part is critical for the cycling of you Remington 1100 or 11/87.  Yet is the most over looked.   This spring is housed in a steel tube that runs down through your stock.   After you fire a round the breech bolt comes to the rear and by use of a link all the energy is transferred to the action spring.   The action spring then rebounds and sends the breech bolt forward to pick up the next round and lock into battery.    If this spring is weak you will have cycling issues for sure.   It is simple to remove and check.   Take your stock off and you will see a capture pin at the rear of the tube.  Push that pin out and the spring will pop out.   The replacement spring is 15.25 inches long.   If your spring is more then 3.5" shorter then that it should be replaced.   If it is around 2.5" shorter and yours is a defense gun I say replace it.  $4.25 is nothing comparted to your personal safety so do it.   If the gun was cycling OK then save your old spring because we simply don't know what is going to happen with parts in the future so save every thing that was working.   Install the new in the reverse of the above.  This part retails for $4.37 as part number F15252 on the Remington parts list