• Remington Shotgun Extractor forged steel, 870,1100, 11-87 all gauges


    Factory new Remington OEM forged extractor for Remington Shotguns.   Look at the second picture of Remington extractors.   The one on the right is the 11-87 and you can see that is thicker then the other extractors which are for the 870 shotguns.   I show this so you will see that 870 extractors do not function well in the 11-87 and you need the 11-87 OEM Extractor solely for the 11-87 as it is thicker.

    The same extractor for the 870 also fits the model 1100.  

    The same extractor fits 12, 16 and 20 gauge shotguns.   The 28 has it own and the .410 has it's own and use the drop down box to select those.

    Also the MIM is listed here in this category and if you look in second picture the one second from the left with the same ridge on it is the MIM.   MIM parts are in every model Remington Shotgun, every one of them so if you have some misconception that you Police or Wingmaster has no MIM parts you are wrong.  However the Police and Wingmaster come with the forged extractor so if you want to upgrade an Express or Tactical Model you can get the forged one here.