• Remington 12ga 870 Predator/Turkey/Deer Barrel, True Glow sights


    Hunting Coyotes with your 870? I have put together the perfect barrel for that. Factory New 12ga 870 23" or 20" Barrel with True Glow Rifle sights for those low light conditions, Extended and ported Remington Predator Choke tube, Extra Full .665 Diameter, 2" Extension with knurling/Porting, 17/4 Steel aged at 925 degrees for Strength. The 23" Chambered for up to 3.5" shells so works with any 12ga 870 including the Super Magnum models. The 20" is chambered for up to 3".  Black Oxide finish with a barrel ring detent plunger so will even work on you Wingmaster or Police model 870. Now here is the good part, all Rem Choke tubes fit so you add the Extended fully Rifled choke tube and you now have a Deer Barrel. Add any of the Rem Choke Turkey Tubes and you have a Turkey Barrel.  Also, the Predator choke that comes with this barrel serves well as a perfect turkey choke as it is.