• Remington 12ga 870 Shell Latch, Right or Left or Both


    Read this before you buy this item.  If you think you need a new shell latch you are most often wrong.  This is spring steel and the hardest metal in your 870.  It is being engaged by the timing cuts on the forend tube assembly.   The issue is most often those timing cuts are worn or chipped and not engaging the shell latch properly and that messes up the feed and function of you shotgun.  So check you timing cuts.  If you have another 870 that is not messing up pull the forend tube assembly off of it, install it in the gun that is messing up and if the problem is gone you know it is the forend tube assembly not the shell latch.

    Also, many times there is simply gunk or something behind the shell latch.  Pieces of cleaning patches are often the culprit.  Ge a can of Cyclo Parts and break cleaner (the non Flammable) same stuff as Gun Blast just half the price and the twice as much.  Strip your receiver just like you do to clean it,  Put the magazine tube end down and have someone hold it.  Lightly and I mean lightly use a small screw driver to slightly pry the shell latch out. If you pry to hard you will know it because it will pop loose from the staking.  With the little straw on the can of Cyclo spay under the latch and blast any mess out of there.  If you see stuff come out you most likely just fixed your issue. A few months back a guy called and I gave him these instructions and there was pieces of cleaning patch behind the latch.  Fixed his issue and the Cyclo is great for blasting out trigger plates assemblies and all the other stuff you need to get clean.  It use it to clean all my guns and use it to degrease parts before I put them in the Parkerizing tank. 

    If you still need shell latches you can use the drop down box to select the right or the left or both.  Yes, it takes a special tool to stake them in so ask around to other gun guys and someone may have one to loan you.  It you need instructions just call me.

    HINT:  The flat one is the Right one and the one curved in the middle is the Left one.

    I hope the first two fixes corrected your issue and you don't need these.  I don't care about loosing a sale as I don't want to sell someone something they didn't need.   So if that work, that's great.   You can look around on the site and spend that money on something else you may need or want.