• Remington 12ga 870P Barrel, 14" XS Low Profile Sights


    Factory new 12ga 870 barrel. 14", Parkerized police barrel, fixed Modified choke, XS low profile rifle sights, These are not Tritium but I have the same barrel with an XS front tritium sight for sale also. 3" Camber. Fits any 12ga 870 except the 25077 model with 6 shot mag tube. WARNING: Where it is not illegal to have this barrel, once you install it on a shotgun then it becomes and NFA weapon and if you do not have the Form I proving you have ATF approval you have committed a felony. Also, some states may have laws that out law possession of this. You are responsible to know if this is even legal to posses in your state. This item is being sold to those who are intending to build a legal SBS or AOW and who are not going to install this barrel without ATF approval for such weapon.   And no that is not rust at the base of the sights.  That is the brazing as Remington Police barrels are parkerized and the brazing has nickel in it and will not accept the Parkerizing so you see a brass color under each sight base.