• Remington 12ga 870P barrel, Hi-luster Wingmaster Blue, BS 18.5"


     Factory new Remington 12ga Police barrel, 18.5 inches, I/C choke, Bead sight, 3" chamber, High Luster Blued finish and with the police detent plunger so it will work on your wingmaster and turn it into an HD shotgun between hunting seasons....This is the barrel that come standard on the blued 870P and I am not sure how long they will continue to offer this barrel as that model was discontinued.  I also have this same barrel in 20" and it cost less.  Why?  I asked that when I was at the factory and the answer was "units produced" factors in the price and there thousands of 870P Wingmaster Models out there with 20" barrels so they make of those as a replacement part.

    Use the drop down box and you can add the Remington OEM two round Extension in Wingmaster blued for only $49 dollars.  You get the complete kit, tube, bracket with quick detach stud, bracket screw, magazine spring and blaze orange follower. Note the tube is blued but the bracket and mag tube coupling are black oxide as they don't make them in blued.