• Remington Hi viz follower, Verious gauges


    Factory Followers for Remington 870, 1100, 11-87.   Read the below then select the correct one for your shotgun.

    Express models have two detents that retail the magazine retainer.  So the follower has two groves that allow this to be installed or removed.   Some call them dimples, they are not dimples, my daughter has dimples, they are detents.

    All 12ga followers fit all 12ga models.  I only sell the one with detent groves as it works in all models.  The groves allow it to work in the Express and the are illrelevent in the Police, Tactical and Wingmaster models so they work fine

    Same with the 20ga but I have both so you can choose.   The 28ga also fits the .410 shotguns

    High-viz follower for Lightweight 20ga shotguns.   So if your 20ga serial number starts with RS or is an older gun and the serial numbers ends in U then it is a Lightweight.   If you have an old heavy weight shotgun you can use the 12ga follower.