Remington 870 20ga barrel, 18.5" Bead sight


Remington Factory 870 20ga barrel turns your lightweight 20ga into a Defense gun, Camp gun, Truck Gun or Brush gun.   18.5" Bead sight fixed IC Choke in black oxide finish.   It has the barrel ring detent plunger so works with either the Wingmaster or Express models and works with tube extensions to give you a 6+1 Capacity.  Fits Light Weight 20ga 870 Shotgun.  This is the barrel that comes on the 20ga 870 HD models.  This barrel retails on the Remington web site for $169.00.  So see if even you don't have an 870 20ga you should get this barrel at this price.  Besides, having just the barrel gives you an reason to go find another shotgun to fit it.