• Remington 870 20ga Fully Rifled Barrel, RS Matte


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    Factory new Remington 20ga 870 fully rifled slug barrel. 20" long, matte finish, rifle sights. Chambered for up to 3" shells. Fits all 20ga 870 light weights shotguns. That means your gun serial number has to start with the Letter RS or if not then the serial number must end with the Letter U.  Check out the ballistic charts on any manufacturers web sight and compare the ballistics of the 12ga and 20ga sabot slugs.   Once you see that you will understand why the 20ga is a superior slug gun.  This is part number F243702 on the Remington parts list and retails for $217.99.   The item is shown in the retail blister packaging and that is one size so this 20" barrel is in a large plain box, but will come to you in a Remington Factory barrel box to reduce shipping as the shipping would be higher if I calculate the size of that large box.  Who wants to pay extra for cardboard?    You can thank me later.