• Remington 870 20ga Turkey barrel, Super Full Ext Turkey


    Remington Factory New.   870 20ga Turkey Barrel, 18.75" or 21", Vent Rib threaded for Rem Chokes so all Rem Choke tubes fit.  Chambered for up to 2 3/4" and 3" shells.  Black Oxide finish ( the Express finish) and comes with an extended Super Full Turkey Choke.  Comes with Ivory Bead sight installed.   Perfect Turkey barrel for all the 20ga light weight models.   Do not underestimate the 20ga as a Turkey Gun.   They are very adept for this use and I bagged plenty of birds in my youth with my 20ga and #4 shot.   I would use a 20ga today if I still hunted.

    I recommend the 18.75" as you get nothing measurable with 21" as that 2.25 inches matters not.  the gases from a shot shell expend their energy in about the first 12 inches so longer barrels are for wing shooting and add nothing to the range and the choke restriction determines the group size not the barrel length.   However, if you don't agree with the above I am offering it in the 21" length also.  Use the drop down box to select the barrel you want.

    If you want the blued version it has the barrel ring detent and is more expensive as it is Wing Master Blued.  I will not list them so you would call me at 231-690-0954 and order it from me.  I have never had a request for one as a Turkey barrel but will put one together if requested.

    Check out the Hi-Viz brand shotgun bead sight in the Category "Shotgun Sights", If you buy that I will install it for you or simply send it with the barrel, your choice.