Remington 870 Express Tactical Receiver, New not Virgin


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This is a gun smith take off and is new unfired but it is not a Virgin Receiver so you can not use it for an AOW but of course can use it for other builds including an SBS and since it came from the factory with a pistol grip only you can build a non-nfa 14" barrel shotgun with it and not have to get a tax stamp.  I took several 870 Tactical models and removed the parts as I need them and have several of these. Yes, this handles up to 3" Shells. Has riveted ejector and staked shell latches and does have the magazine retainer detents but I will remove them at your request. Retails for $278.73 on the 2018 Remington parts list, you shocked that it is the same price as the Police, Marine and Wingmaster Receivers.  That is because there is only one 870 and they differ only by finish and furniture. 

This item must ship to an FFL Dealer to conduct the transfer and is considered a firearm and I ship it Priority with Adult Signature.   $10 will be added to the $9.95 and will be factored in at check out