Remington 870 MIM Extractor, fits all model 870's


Factory new Remington 870 Part, MIM Extractor.   Do not believe the hype that there is something wrong with MIM parts.  If you do then for Gods Sake don't drive you car because the most important safety feature you car has is the breaks and most all your break parts are MIM.  Don't fly, as those turbine blades on that Jet Engine are MIM.

There are MIM parts in every Remington Shotgun, Police, Wing Master, Marine, Tactical and most every gun sold today.

The MIM extractor is perfect as is Machine Injected Molded and I have yet to see a broker one or any issue with one.   Yes, I put the forged in my custom builds as that is what buyers expect but use the MIM in my own guns.

This part retails for $9.84 from Remington.