• Remington 870P barrel, Meprolight Tritium Sights, MOD


    Factory New Remington 870 Police Barrel, 18.5" Modified Choke with Meprolight Tritium Rifle Sights. Parkeized, 3" Chamber. This is part number F242556AS on the Remington Parts List and retails from Remington for $270.  These were reasonable before someone bought Meprolight and raised the price of the sights.   I like to dropped my teeth when I saw the invoice as I was accustomed to paying about $100 less for this barrel.  Would have sent the them back but that would have been a 15% restocking fee on 20 of them.   So here they are at a sacrifice price if you want one.  I have an IC choke one list in this category that is less expensive.  And please don't ask me why the IC one is that much cheaper as that would require me to know how Remington Thinks and they don't even know that.