• Remington barrel, 12ga 18.5" Bead sight Cly Bore Matte Finish


    THIS BARREL FITS ANY 870 12GA. New Remington Factory barrel, 12ga 18.5" Cyl Bore in a black matte finish.  These are labeled Police barrels because they have the detent ball and at 18.5" they end flush with the Remington Law Enfocement 2 round extension where the 18" barrel will end about 1/2 inch behind it, However, Remington labels them Police barrels.  They also fit the 4+1 models as the your magazine cap simply pushes the detent ball out of the way. These retail for $142.79 on the Remington parts list as part # F242247, The Cyl Bore is no choke and often called Police choke or Riot Choke. It is prefect for home defense weapons and the matte finish will match the finish on your 870 Express.