Remington Barrel 12ga 18.5"Rifle Sights, Cyl Bore fixed choke or Modified


Some of the barrels I have are not available on the Remington store and are had to get but I have a limited supply of these as of 2-1-19

As with all my barrels they are Remington Factory New.  This one is a Parkerized Police but fits all 12ga 870 except the one with the one piece 6 shot tube.  It has Remington Police Diamond Rifle sights and a fixed Cyl bore choke.  Shoots anything made for a 12ga and excellent with Flight Control ammo being issued by many Departments.

Also listed here for a limited time is the same barrel in Modified fixed choke and yes it cost more.   Remington now only offers this barrel with Meprolight tritium sights for $270 but these have the standard Police Diamond sight and I am asking $206 because even the same barrel on the Remington store with IC choke is $206.  Since I have the only ones around I am asking the same price even though they are not offered any longer.  So when these are gone I will only have the ones with Meprolight sights.