• Remington barrel, 20ga fully rifled Cantilever


    Factory New 870 20ga Cantilever Barrel, 18" Fully rifled. Fits all Light weight 20ga 870's including Wingmaster. If your serial number starts with the Letters RS or ends in the letter U you have a light weight receiver and this barrel fits. The 20ga is a superior slug gun over the 12ga and you can do side by side comparisons of the leading Sabot slugs out there and see the differences in the ballistics. The 20ga Sabots have superior ballistics to the 12ga.  The 20ga Sabot slug can handle any big game on the North American Continent. Also the lighter 20ga comes in handy for those long treks in the woods.   This barrel retails for $299.99 on the 2018 Remington Parts list. I have nine at the listed price.