• Remington LE Stock, 13" or 14" LOP With Pistol grip


    Bad news.  I had to increase the price of these as they no longer come with the recoil pad.  Yep, Remington is selling stocks with no recoil pads now.  So I have to buy the pads for these and so will you by looking in this same category for the pad.  This stock on the Remington web site this set will cost you,  Stock alone $101.65 and $17.48 for stock bolt, washers and QD stud.  So your total would be $ 119.13

    Factory new Remington LE Stock with Pistol Grip in 13" or 14", your choice.  The 870 comes with stock bolt and washers and QD stud.   1100 and 11-87 does not use a stock bolt so the price is lower.  So, if you are going to use your own stock bolt from your 870 (yes it fits) get the one for the 11-87 and save the money for a stock bolt you don't need.

    In this same category you will fine the recoil pads with screws and that listing will tell you which pad fits the LE pad for that LOP.

    NOTE:  If you are putting a synthetic stock on a gun that had a wood stock make sure when you take the wood stock off that you remove the stock bearing plate from between the stock and the receiver as they are not used with synthetic stock.  If is a metal plate that you will see at the end of the receiver.  Lightly bang the end of the receiver on the work bench and it will fall off or lightly pry it off.