Remington Length of Pull kit with screws


The Remington adjustable Length of Pull kit allows you to Vary the length of Pull using 3 easy to use spacers. Allows you to change the L.O.P. in 1/4" increments using the 2 1/4" spacers and the 3rd 1/2" spacer. Included screws to match each size.  Works with all Remington Synthetic 12", 13" and 14" LOP Stocks.   Perfect for increasing the LOP on JR and Youth Guns as your young shooter grows.   Also can be used for those of you who find 13" and 14" LOP synthetic stocks to long.   Your existing recoil pad fits so no need to get a different pad.  So if you are a tall person and 14" LOP is just not working for you then try this kit and you can take your LOP from 14" up to 14".