• Remington model 1100- 11/87 Tactical Conversion Kit


    Bad news.  I did not get recoil pads with the order of these stocks I just got and was advised by my rep today 1/4/19 that recoil pads no longer come with this stock.  So I have to raise the price of these as I just had to order the recoil pads.  So the kit  so that explains the increase if you were looking at this item before that date.

    Turn your 11-87 or 1100 into an 11-87 Police model or 1100 tactical with all factory new parts and accessories. These parts are all you need and you save on this package from if you had to purchase them from different sources.  Here is what you get.

    Remington 1100 black oxide 185" Bead sight barrel, or  11-87P barrel, 18.5" Bead sight, IC choke, Parkerized finish or the 14" 11-87 Police barrel in parkerized finish with rifle sights but NOTE:  To put the  14" Barrel on your 11-87 you must have a tax stamp from ATF as this makes it a Short Barrel Shotgun (SBS) and an NFA weapon.  You can purchase the barrel as long as you do not put in on the gun until your Tax Stamp arrives from ATF.

    Remington LE Stock set with Remington Supercell pad and a Quick Detach stock stud, you chose pistol grip or conventional stock version and both come with 13" or 14" Length of Pull (LOP).   Remington LE Police forend comes with each stock.  Some states do not allow for the pistol grip stock pn a semi-auto shotgun so you must opt for the convention LE Stock if you state prohibites the pistol grip stock. 

    Remington LE Parkerized two shot extension gives you a 6+1 round capacity, Barrel bracket has a quick detach stud to match the one on the stock. Choate Combat Bolt handle. Remington Comp Carrier with extended release, this makes loading fast and just like an 870. Also,  

    Select either Model 1100 or 11-87 from the drop down box.  E-mail me as to your choice of ether convention police stock and the LOP or Police stock with pistol grip and LOP>

    You can add or subtract parts from this conversion kit as you may not want some of the items in it. POR for changes and I will check you out when you call with the changes.

    Here is a video showing how easy it is to install the Tactical Carrier. https://youtu.be/6oNtsLfAlg8