Remington Shotgun Sear Springs


Factory new Remington shotgun Sear Springs for all models and guages.   This is a very simple install and is they only way to set the trigger pull for a Remington Shotgun.   There are no trigger jobs for a Remington Shotgun and anyone who says there is is a liar and anyone who charges saying they did one is a Thief.   After market trigger parts for the Remington Shotgun are rips offs and if you fall for it you deserve to be ripped off.   All  Remington shotguns now come with a standard 4-5 lb sear spring (silver), except the high ten trap models.   The 870P no longer comes with the 7-8 lb (Orange) sear spring but it can be ordered from Remington so I offer it and recommend it if you are putting it in a Defense gun and are new to firearms.   I also offer the Competion Trap sear spring which is 3 lbs (yellow).   I recomend this in Sporting guns and in Slug guns with rifled barrels as you will shooting a distances in excess of 150 yards if you have optics on the gun.   In the picture the spring on the left is the 7-8 lb, the one in the middle is standard 4-5 pound and the one on the right is the 3 lb. 

Remington shotgun parts for Remington 870 Remington 1100 Remington 11-87 all Remington shotguns.