• Remington Supercell recoil pads, 13" LOP and 14" LOP for LE Stocks


    Remington Supercell recoil pads are like putting a large marshmallow on the end of your stock.  They really help reduce the felt recoil of a shotgun.   A good pad also helps with muzzle flip as the force going backwards into a soft pad help reduce the force causing the barrel to rise.   It all has to go somewhere and I prefer something soaks some of it up before entering my 65 year old shoulders.   Getting the right pad is not always easy even when calling Remington but I have made it easy here as all the pads I sell have full explanations as to what they fit

    These pads sell for $21.86 on the Remington store and do not come with pad screws.  From Remington pad screws are $4.37 each because Remington as a minimum  parts price due to handling, however, years ago I matched every Remington recoil pad screw and buy them in bulk so my price includes two pad screws and I bet where I buy them in bulk is the same that supplies Remington.  See, I am not just another pretty face as I got me some brains.

    Look at picture #2.  I call this a flush end stock and the two pads being offered are for this type stock.   If you have a Remington LE Stock either conventional or with pistol grip this is the pad you need.   Or if you have the Speedfeed IV or IV-S this is the pad you need because most all synthetic stock are made by Speedfeed for Remington and they are the same stock.   So, if select the one based on the LOP of your stock.   For those that may not know the Speedfeed IV is a 14" LOP and the Speedfeed IV-S is a 13" LOP.

    If you have a Speedfeed I or III you can not use this pad with the shell holder feature as the spring will push the recoil pad away from the rear of the stock.  If you want to take the two magazine springs out of the stock then you can use this pad in the 14" LOP.  However, if you are a tinkerer and want to use this pad on a SF I or III and can make a small metal or hard polymer plate that conforms the size of the pad and put that between the pad and the stock then you have just created and great pad for SF I and III stocks.

    Note:  These are Remington pads for Remington synthetic stocks and not grind and fit.  So the pad may or may not stick over ever so slightly even when centered as may all replacement pads for synthetic stocks.   If is not enough to even notice but yep, some will.