• Remington Tactical Forend for 12ga 870


    Synthetic ribbed Remington Tactical Forend for the 12ga 870.  Formerly the Speedfeed Forend but now made by Remington for their Tactical Shotguns and only different internally.   The Original SF Forend is solid internally and these have crossmembers.  These are also ribbed internally where the Original Speedfeed is solid.  You can look at the internal pictures of both here in this category as I have a limited quantity of New Davis Speedfeed forends listed in this category if you prefer that one.

    Builders tip:  I have built and rebuilt a lot of shotguns.  Here is a very important tip to enhance your 870.   When shooting fast we all tend to torque the forend.   I can tell to which side you torque by the striation marks on the barrel and wear on the action bars.   If your forend is rubbing the barrel, especially at the end of the racking motion it is simply not smooth.    So look at the last picture on this item listing.  Many of the synthetic forends have a 90 degree edge.   I take a utility knife and scrape it down both edges to round them off.  I start at the high edge and keep working till it is down smooth.   This stops them from rubbing on the barrel.   As you scrap long slivers of plastic will come off.  Make sure both sides are equal and smooth.   Take it down as much as you want.   If you use a Dremil that is fine because it may get FYBAR’D and you have to buy another one from me.