Remington tube extension bracket, Pre 1990


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Did you get an Remington Extension kit and the extension bracket pulls your extension tube up towards the Barrel?  Or did you get one and the extension bracket pushes your tube down at an angle away from the Barrel?

Or are you planning to install an extension kit on an older 870? If so read all of this.  Also you should google "Remington Barrel Codes if you have an older 870 as older barrels have codes showing dates of manufacture, newer barrels so not.

Here is why.  The standoff distance changed around 1990.  That is the solid block of steel braised between the barrel ring and the barrel.   For modern barrels after 1990 it is shorter and if there was a pre-90's bracket in your kit and you have a modern barrel the bracket is going to push your tube down.   If you have a pre-90's barrel and got a modern bracket it is going to pull your tube up towards the barrel.

The modern bracket has an X stamped next to the screw hole in the bracket.   The pre-90's does not.   Also brackets come with or without the Quick Detach Stud.  So by using the drop down box you can select the one you want.   If you have a Surefire Forend you do not want the QD Stud as you do want a sling hanging in front of the light.  If you use a one point sling why waste money on the bracket with QD stud, so get one with out.   

If you purchase the one with the QD stud I will install it and it is a Remington factory Kit the same as used on the brackets that come with a QD.   I don't like selling people stuff they don't need so this is the solution.   Also, if you have a bracket screw you can select the one with out the screw because your bracket screw will work, however I recommend get the one with the screw as extra back up parts are a good idea and if you go to sell the bracket you don't need it will sell better with the screw.   Also, brackets purchased from Remington do not include the screw and that parts is $5.47 alone if purchased from Remington