Remington Windage screw for Rear Sight, All Remington


Before you say WTF, Remington sells this part for $4.37 and the usual suspects were you have been getting parts sell them for as much as $5.99.  Go look.    This fits most all the Remington Rifle sights on Rifles, Shotguns and Muzzle Loaders.   This is a smart part to have on hand because you did not put a micro dot on the windage screw on you barrel and it can blow of on the range or in the woods.   Or, you tourge it down and the head snapped off.   So get one with your order.  Also, back the one off your rear sight and put a micro dot of blue loc-tite on it and simply snug it down.  You won't need this one if you do that but hey, spit happens so add one to your order.