• Rim Fire Series, 1" Heavy Nylon with Quick Detach Swivels

    $12.00 $9.00

    The Rim Fire series are made for lighter guns but work well with any rifle or shotgun with Quick Detach Studs.   I considered using lighter webbing but decided to stay with the Heavy Nylon webbing our other slings are made from.   Made from Heavy 1" Nylon and sewn with 92lb bonded nylon thread the same as all of our slings.  Each end has a Quick Detach Swivel for easy installing or removal.  Adjust quickly with a pull of the tab so comfort of carry can be easily adjusted without removing the gun from your shoulder.   Can adjust long enough to carry any firearm across your back.  A great sling to support and steady a rifle when wrapped around the arm of the shooter.   Great for youth guns and the Safety Orange and Safety Yellow give additional visibility of your location to other Hunters.  Additional colors to come.  Ladies will love the Color Selection.  Here is a video that will show you the two slings in this series.