Follower, SBE Tactical Follower for the 20 ga Remington Shot guns.


Heavy duty 20 ga. Aluminum followers for Remington 12ga Shotguns.  These followers are precision machined from 6061-T6 Aluminum, and bright orange anodized.  MIL-L-46010E solid film lubricant is applied on the sliding surfaces giving these followers exceptional reliability. Tactical followers also feature a orange face for easy visual confirmation of an empty magazine. They also feature a deep counter bore on the face that reduces weight, and provides a tactile indicator of an empty magazine.  In addition tactical followers have a tail section that prevents kinking of long springs typically used with extended magazine tubes.  They also work fine in four shot non detent magazine tube such as on the Wingmaster or 870 Police.  These followers are recommended as direct replacements for aftermarket high visibility plastic followers.   

These followers will not work with shotguns that have dimpled magazine tubes See the SBE Sport/Tac Follower for use in detent magazines.