Silicone gun sack 52"


Protect you guns during storage and transport.   This is an inexpensive way to guard against corrosion during long term storage, a must for those of you in high humidity zones.   Protects against scratches and dings also.

• Protects firearms during storage or travel
• Thick
• 100% polyester fabric protects against dirt and scratches
• Silicone treatment helps guard against rust
• Available in 52" (rifles/shotguns) & 12" (handguns/optics)
• Multi-green
• Drawstring closure
Remington Gun Socks are specifically designed to protect valuable firearms during storage or travel. Thick, 100% polyester fabric protects against dirt and scratches, and silicone treatment helps guard against rust. 52 inch will fit most rifles and shotguns, with or without scopes. 12 inch is the perfect size for handguns and also works great for optics and lighting accessories. Drawstring closure. Multi-green.