• The Pistol Magnet


    The Pistol Magnet™ is a gun mount for those with concealed carry. It is made in the USA and is designed to be easily mounted anywhere in your vehicle for holding your handgun.   

    Also works great for magazines.   If you have a metal safe simply attach this to the wall inside or outside of the safe and you magazines attach for quick access.

    Pistol Magnet Uses

    Use The Pistol Magnet™ to keep you handgun in a variety of locations:

    • in your vehicle (for those with concealed carry permits)
    • on a wall (attache to studs or use strong anchors)
    • behind furniture or under furniture
    • Under or Behind the head board of you bed
    • under a shelf
    • under a desk or counter under your cash register
    • on a door or above a door
    • install almost anywhere – only limited by your imagination …
    • Magnet attaches it's self to the side of you gun safe and holds magazines (metal ones of course)

    Size: 1/4 inches by  1-1/4 inches by 5-3/4 inches

    It has a large surface area for better grip with easy removal.

    Far superior to the cheap import magnets out there.

    Powerful Magnet

    Our super powerful rare earth magnets keep your gun handy for fast and easy retrieval.  Come with assorted mounting screws and bolts.