Two Point Hunter Sling with Strapes for 1.25 plates or Swivels, Safety Hunter Model

$13.50 $11.50

This is the first of our Hunter Series.  The Bright Orange Color gives this sling the name of "Safety Hunter". This Two Point Sling is made from 1.25" Heavy Nylon Webbing and stitched with 92lb Bonded Nylon Thread.   Attachment is by Quick detach side release buckles at each end of the sling.   Easy adjustment for length simply by grasping the pull strap and pulling.  You attach the straps to your fixed sling loops or plates.  You can also attach the straps to Quick Detach Sling Swivels so you can use this sling on guns with Quick Detach studs.  The design of this sling makes it very versatile. 

Pink for those Ladies who not only stand out by out shooting the guys in a Tactical Training Course but want their equipment to stand out also.   It is a perfect Two point Hunting sling as well.