• Wison Combat 2 shot Extension, 12ga Remington Shotguns


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    Wilson Combat/Scatter gun Tech 2 shot extension are simply the best value on the Market.   The stand alone magazine tube coupling means you do not need a magazine extension bracket that mars your barrel and tube.   The one piece also means there is issue with a gap between the mag tube couple and tube during install because they are braised together.   OEM Extension can have that gap and even if you can load 6 rounds you will not know it is there until the springs hangs up in it and a shell does not feed on to the carrier.   This is not an issue with the Wilson extension and why I use them.  They come with a Wolf power spring for assured positive feed of shells back on to the shell carrier and a Hi-viz Wilson Combat follower that allows to see an empty mag tube with a quick glance or you can feel it in the dark and feel face of it and know instantly it is not a live round and your tube is empty.   Comes with a wave washer that will retain the tube in the event you do not have a barrel detent plunger on an Express barrel so yes, this works fine.    If you have a four shot Express you will have to modify the magazine tube with a very modification and there is a video below to show you how easy it is.   I use these on all my Remington Shotguns as well as my employees, family and friends and I also feature them on my AI&P Tactical Shotguns.   Sorry guys, the guns in the pictures don't come with the item you are buying, you can get one of those from Wilson Combat. Click on the below and that brings up the video link then click on that link.    Also, save your 4 shot magazine spring and mag cap as you can put your sporting barrel back on you gun, use the wave washer you got with Wilson Extension and that will retain you magazine cap while you sporting barrel is in use.

    adapting your Express